Kimberly Henrie is a wife, mother, grandmother, personal trainer, fitness instructor, yoga teacher, podcaster, voice over talent and a wellness enthusiast. She likes to approach life healthfully, but in a way that is easy to integrate into the lives we live today. Watch this blog for easy solutions to fit into our fast-paced, convenience driven lifestyles. Kim strives to bring peace, a sense of balance and acceptance to what is going on around us so that we can enjoy all that life has to offer.


Here are the audiobooks Kim has narrated for your listening pleasure:


The Zen Leader: 10 Ways to
 Go From Barely Managing to Leading Fearlessly  by Ginny Whitelaw
Absolutely transformational for anyone who wants and needs to play well with others.  I learned so much!
Here is a review from Blog Business World
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Can't Buy Me Love by Dan McNeil
This is a fun novel that I loved working on.  It was my first attempt at lots of different voices, including celebrity impersonations.  I hope you enjoy it!
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ILYR by Rayna Gangi
If you are looking for a typical romance, this is not your book.  But if you enjoy people watching and studying other's behavior, along with some self-reflection, I encourage you to give this book a try.  This is based loosely on a true story from the author's perspective.  I found it to be a very weighty book and transformational for my personal life.  It is a blend of a love story and the authors view on the political climate.

Survival Games by J.E. Taylor
Mind Games by J.E. Taylor
End Games by J.E. Taylor
Ah, the Survival Games trilogy!  *WARNING* These books are for adult ears only.  I did not realize what I was getting into when I accepted the offer to narrate Mind Games and End Game (simultaneously)  But by the time I had read them both, I asked to do Survival Games as well.  They are racy to be sure, and violent. And that is not my typical book of choice.  But it was such a different experience for me and something about it captured my imagination.  Please do not read or listen to these if physical violence, rape, or sexuality are hot buttons for you, you will not appreciate these books.   Will I do more like these?  It's not in the plan right now, but I don't regret narrating this series for a minute.  My plan from here on out is to look for more mind/body/spirit/inspiring works to narrate.

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