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Friday, August 9, 2013

I had "the" thought this week. Oh no!

I had a check up this week at the doctor's office and faced the scale.  I long ago gave up watching the scale, preferring instead to monitor how I feel, how I perform and how my clothes fit.  But due to some concerns that have come up over the last year in conjunction with thyroid meds (and some sudden weight gain) my doctor has had me paranoid about my weight in the last year, so I've been watching it.


Though I have been paying attention to my nutrition and exercise along with other lifestyle and thyroid med changes, despite the fact that my TSH has gone super low (I "should" be losing weight) I am stuck at the same spot I was a year ago.  Not within 1 or 2 pounds, THE SAME EXACT SPOT. 

And I had the thought.

The one I counsel all my clients and students against.

The one I had given up claim to long ago.

"Why should I keep on trying, nothing I do is making a bit of difference?"

Yep, that one.


And that is what happens when you focus on the scale.

I responded by doing a *headstand, and another, and another..... because I can.

And that is what consistent effort and developing core strength will do for you, even if you don't lose weight.

I am grateful that though hormones and stuff are a little whacked out in my body, I still have great strength, good relationships and the ability to do just about whatever I want to do.  I am really not suffering or feeling majorly ill in any way.  So what's to complain about? 

And certainly, if I stopped my efforts at eating well, exercising and taking care of myself, I would have far more problems than just a few extra pounds (okay, maybe more than a few.) 

So there is my pep talk, and yours too if it applies.  Step away from the bon-bons.

*Please note:  I do not advocate doing headstands as it is a very risky pose for the neck and spine.  I, in fact, use a yoga chair so there is no actual pressure on my head and neck.  Safety first!

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