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Monday, January 9, 2012

30-minute Cardio/Core Circuit

Items needed: light dumbbell or alternate weight.


3 circuits, :30secs per exercise

    Step Touch, side-to-side
    Hop side-to-side
    Jump side-to-side
    Single leg hops side-to-side (15-secs per leg)
    Step forward and back
    Step faster forward and back
    Jump forward and back
    Cross Country Ski Jumps
    High Knees
    Slow March


3 circuits, :45-secs per exercise

    Alternating Diagonal Lunge with Weighted Arm Reach (dumbbell between hands with arms above head to start, reach forward to floor as you lunge forward, drawing back overhead as you return to standing)
    Plank with Alternating Reach Unders
    Squat, alternating torso twist each time you drop into the squat. Return torso center as you stand out of squat
    Plank with Alternating Hands & Elbows (start in Plank on your hands. Lower to elbows, return to hands. Go at your own pace, try to fall into a rhythm.)


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