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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Your Best Doctor? YOU.

My husband, Randy, likes to ask the following question.  "What do they call a medical student who graduates at the bottom of his/her class?"  The answer?  "Doctor."

We have a little fun with that, but the truth is.... there is some truth in that little joke.  

I don't mean to bash medical professionals. They put in the time and effort to gain the knowledge to earn the title Doctor.  They likely didn't go through that effort without care and compassion for their fellow human beings.  So I DO give them a high degree of respect.  In fact, I visit my personal doctor once per year like clockwork.

Unfortunately, in modern society, many of us have given our doctors full responsibility for the condition of our bodies, when in reality, that responsibility rests solely with us.  Who do you know that eats a diet of fast food, prepackaged food, rarely exercises, perhaps smokes and drinks and complains that his/her doctor can't diagnose what's causing the myriad of ailments they suffer from?  The parents who fill their home with toxic chemicals from household cleaners, to off-gassing furniture to a mountain of plastic and then rage about the high price of their child's ashtma medication?  The patient who takes drug after pharmaceutical drug trying to find the one that works, all the while not realizing the side affects are worsening their condition, along with certain lifestyle choices.  Doctors can only do so much.  They can't come to your home and revamp your life (though I bet many of them would like to) but they can write prescriptions to help you deal with the pain or symptoms that are present in your body.  

The truth is, your care provider can do a much better job for you if you meet them half way.

I like to imagine that I am my own primary care provider. I treat my mind, body and soul and call in help as needed, because, after all, I am not a doctor and I do not know everything.  Help may come in the form of a medical doctor, a naturopath, an energy healer, a massage therapist, a yoga therapist, a reiki practioner, a counselor, a personal trainer, a nutritionist or a trusted friend or expert in a certain field.

I encourage you to begin educating yourself on simple changes you can make in your nutritional habits, how you move your body, how environmental factors such as toxins, clutter and negative energy affect your well-being and what resources are available to you to do your own research.  Also, be aware of how stress and emotional turmoil affects you and seek ways to nurture your mind and your soul as well as your body.
I'll get more specific about steps that I take and resources that I turn to in an upcoming article.  In the meantime, enjoy the exploration and the journey toward becoming your own best doctor. 

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