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Friday, July 5, 2013

Wellness: The Power of Support and Accountability

I have found that I am unfailingly inventive when it comes to creating plausible scenarios to put off or altogether skip my day-to-day fitness routine.  Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE breaking a healthy sweat, pumping rattling plates of iron and generally taking care of my mind/body/spirit.  So, I grasp how much more difficult it must be if you aren't as truly obsessed, as I am, with testing your body's limits.

Something that I have undertaken this year with my spirited daughters, Elizabeth and Megan (both of whom are health and wellness savvy as well as loving chocolate-covered anything almost as much as they love the sticky-fingered little angels that gave them the not-so-coveted mommy bellies, much like the one they gave me),  is throwing a daily fitness party via our Daily Morning Workouts on Google Hangouts On Air.  Because this is a public forum, we are not only accountable to each other, but as we cultivate an audience that also wants this daily motivation, we are accountable to them (you) as well.  It makes a world of difference!  It is certainly more challenging to go AWOL on a workout - though I am still creative enough to accomplish that once in awhile.

Additionally, we are keeping things hopping on the Real Life Workouts Facebook Page.  You are welcome to come and share your personal goals, specific concerns, burning questions and join in our daily 5- to 30-minute workouts, which are posted for your convenience. We also dish out real-life tips, simple recipes, quick workout plans and more to give everyone fresh ideas.  You are heartily encouraged to join us!

So what does a workout video with a couple of chocolate-loving, mommy-bellied, procrastinating personal trainers look like? Watch below to get a peek.

So what do you think?  Does support and accountability make a difference for you in whipping your fitness goals into submission?  Or do you prefer to tuck away (hide, eat chocolate, sweat, yell back at Jillian Michaels) in your own private hell?

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Cathy Goddard said...

A great blog that shows the difference that accountability can make. Ironically, in my business I 'preach' the benefits of being held accountable --- coaching and mentor groups are all about that. BUT in my fitness world, I'm a loner. I'm self-motivated and love to do things at my own pace and on my own terms. You have be re-thinking that strategy!!!