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Friday, August 6, 2010

Go ahead - be mediocre!

Be the best mediocre you can be!

Great moment yesterday. A member came to me and shared that he had completed a 25 mile bike ride over the weekend, just short of his 30 mile goal. Thing is, he had never ridden more than 5 or 10 miles before. So, while he didn't meet his goal, he more than doubled his longest ride ever and he was so proud! It took a fundraising effort for a favorite charity to push him to do it. Prior to that, he never thought he could because he is "overweight" and "out-of-shape." So he didn't try.

I see it often and have experienced it myself. We think we aren't fit enough, tall enough, big enough, smart enough, insert label here, and so we do not try because we won't be good at it. So what?!

I stumbled across an interview with the author of Slow Fat Triathlete. I haven't read it (I intend to read it ASAP!) but what I gather from the interview is that the author finally came to the realization that she could do what she wanted in the body she had, rather than sitting on the couch or waiting until she was miraculously fit and ready. Can we see ourselves in this? I think so.

In the interview she talks about a culture of "being the best" or not playing. A culture that doesn't accept the middle-ground. It's an interesting perception.
For me, hiking is my nemesis. Actually, it's all cardiovascular activity! But I love hiking, so I do it anyway. I take breaks, I breathe heavy, I truck on. The journey and the top are all so worth it. I can't imagine having missed some of the breath-taking views I've seen just because I am not at top hiking condition. I've climbed this! And made it almost to the top. (Stupid lightening!)

One would hope I would do better over time, but alas, it doesn't seem to be the case. So do I quit? I think not. Why punish myself? I will truck on.

Bottomline: Do what you love no matter how well you perform. Do it anyway. Perhaps you will get better at it, perhaps you won't. But it's life, enjoy it!

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