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Friday, July 26, 2013

Affordable Care Act Twitter Debate

Health Care Twitter Debate

According to a recent Twitter chat with @Forbes experts Avik Roy and Rick Ungar, the biggest impacts of the Affordable Care Act thus far are 1) employers moving employees to part-time to avoid paying for their healthcare and 2) children staying on parents plans longer and 3) removal of pre-existing conditions clauses.

As you can see this is a bit of pro and con discussion.  It's clear even the experts don't really understand how the Affordable Care Act will impact individuals, companies or health care providers.  That solidifies for me that I need to continue to do my own homework.

You can see the entire discussion here: Forbes Twitter Chat.

Here are a few highlights that caught my attention:

  1. .@bdomenech My work shows that Obamacare is increasing premiums for healthy people by around 70-130% for most states. -@avik #askforbes
  1. .@avik I too read the same exact sources and you are simply wrong. - @rickungar #AskForbes
  1. Will most individuals opt to pay the modest “tax” and forego purchasing more costly health insurance? #AskForbes
  2. .@neurosurgery $2 trillion question. Nobody knows how many people will pay the mandate fine vs. buying costly insurance. -@Avik #askForbes
  1. @Forbes Does the IRS have any idea of how individual reporting of health insurance status will affect audits? #askforbes
  2. .@cvanhorn1 IRS plans to do a small number of audits around subsidy eligibility, but will mainly rely on "honor system. - @avik#AskForbes
What is your current response to the Affordable Care Act? Will you make any changes?

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Cathy Martin said...

Aside from all of the controversy of costs,availability and increased taxes; what I find the most frightening is the fact that the very people who voted for this are exempt from it. Why? If this plan is so wonderful and great for the American people why are the politicians not participating. That does not give me much confidence in the program.