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Monday, May 6, 2013

Tick Tick Tick - Health Care Reform is Coming

We have begun a conversation about how Health Care Reform will impact us as individuals, business owners, health care professionals and society-at-large.  Another piece of the puzzle is falling into place - Connect for Health Colorado.

This is the website where you will go to compare and contrast available plans and begin to sort out what your health insurance portfolio may look like effective January 1, 2014 when it becomes mandated that you will have health insurance or pay a penalty. You can enroll in a new plan starting in October, according to this website.  You can also attend board meetings and participate in the process.

Connect for Health Colorado - Take a look, share your insights and get educated.

Next week:  Watch for an interview with holistic health practitioner, author/educator and activist Rayna Gangi, who has combed through the Health Care Reform Bill line by line and will share her insights with you.

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