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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why "Go Outside and Play" Works

Yoga at the Ranch
Earlier this summer, our little group of yogis decided to move our practice outside following a shift from afternoon to morning yoga.  Why?  It just felt good.  And it continues to do so.  Something about the feel of the air, the sounds of the trees, birds, scents from the growies (plant and animal) keeps us coming back for more outdoor yoga.

Of course, when I stop to think about it, I remember all of the studies I've read that show evidence that being in nature changes us at a cellular level, improves our health - mind, body and soul.  Which studies you ask?  Well, the ones... out there..... that I've read.  I tend to read, retain what is important to me at the time and let the rest go, like names, publications, etc.  But in this age of Google, those very studies are at my (and your) fingertips.  In fact, that is what I did, just in case you asked.

In the land of Google, I quickly stumbled on an article from none other than Oprah on the Health Benefits of Nature.  It's a quick, easy read with some practical tips on how you can maximize your time amongst the bird and the bees and other growie things.

The article is based on a book by an MD and a naturopath who share the physiological effects of being outdoors - which include a healthier immune system and get this, a perception that exercise is easier!  The article gives 5 easy ways to spend time in nature.

 It doesn't seem as common these days to hear a parent speak those words imprinted on my brain from childhood, "Go outside and play."  This is likely due to an understandably increased fear of what could happen to your child in the neighborhood these days.  Back in the 60's & 70's our playground was all up and down the block and our parents stood on the porch and yelled through the neighborhood when they wanted us to come home.  We got plenty of outdoor time. We got dirty even.

Today, with our busy indoor-centric lives, we need to help ourselves and our children experience more of what nature offers us so that we and they can be healthier human beings- mind, body and soul.
I am grateful to be surrounded by people who remind me to take a time out and I am thankful to be near my grandchildren so I can spend precious outside time with them as well.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Plenty of nature around in all directions
City of Rifle, Colorado off in the distance

Some of the "growies"

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