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Monday, January 10, 2011

Creating a Life

I'm so proud of us.

Randy and I ALMOST went snowshoeing yesterday. That is a step forward.

We have been so busy doing the "right" things, working hard, building business, that we have set aside the business of living in many ways.

We've lived in ski country since 1997. Neither of us have an aversion to skiing, in fact, we'd both like to. BUT, we have set it aside every ski season since 1997 as not enough time and/or money to invest. What a waste! We spent that time/money on work and business.

So this weekend we discussed skiing or snowshoeing and settled on snow shoeing for Sunday. We packed snacks and lunches and got things together. Unfortunately, mother nature didn't agree and it was rather nasty outside.... so we have decided to try again next weekend. However, we ventured out to the local shops and looked at snowshoes, shopped for new winter boots for me and did the homework on just where we will take our rented snowshoes next weekend. So... it's a work in progress, a step in the right direction.

I'm really excited to try it!

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