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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yoga for YOU

Ever thought about adding yoga to your life? Perhaps you've tried it and found those "pretzel-like" poses awkward and uncomfortable or just didn't connect with the teacher or the other students. Perhaps you've been turned off from even trying yoga for those same reasons.

If you want to live a life in wellness and vitality, yoga may be worth a second look. You also may find support for your back pain, carpal tunnel, osteoarthritis, ADD, anxiety, heart disease, depression, IBS, menopause and so many other conditions. The research is in and science says yoga is beneficial to our bodies, minds and spirits. This article from IDEAfit sums up the research nicely.

It doesn't have to be uncomfortable. There are many styles and teachers of yoga. Look for one that is a good fit for you. Check the research to find out what style may be best for your body and what's going on with you. You can find everything from chair yoga to therapeutic yoga, flow yoga to hot yoga. I prefer (and teach) in the style of viniyoga.

Below you'll find a video featuring Gary Kraftsow of the American Viniyoga Institute discussing Yoga and Health Care.  Mr. Kraftsow has teamed up with government and health care agencies to bring yoga into the healthcare community.

Yoga can be adapted for just about any person that would like to try it.  Find a teacher who is willing to work with you in beginning your yoga journey.  If you are new to yoga, I do recommend you start with a local teacher.  Once you have the basic mechanics down and know the appropriate modifications, there are plenty of online videos and DVDs available to utilize at your convenience, in the privacy of your home.

If I can help in your yoga journey, please email me: or call 970-930-1242.


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