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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Anti-Weight Loss Reason #1

The biggest reason I can think of NOT to focus on weight loss is...

Setting ourselves up for failure.

Check this out:

Joe begins an exercise and diet regimen with the goal of losing weight.
He sticks to it for 30 days. He is feeling better, getting stronger, he doesn't realize it, but his blood sugar is more stable, his cholesterol is going down, hormones are balancing out, he just knows he's feeling pretty good. He is sure he is losing weight, but has obeyed his trainer and has not stepped on the scale.
Day 30, Joe gets on scale. It has not moved. He weighs the same.
Joe quits because the program is not working.

Joe misses out on all the other healthy benefits of exercise and healthy diet and those things begin to reverse themselves.

Focus on health, not weight.

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