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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It Begins - Vitality for Life Personal Quest

Yesterday, hubby and I started a new journey. It really began about 6 months ago when I floated a random idea about consuming the Vitality for Life products exactly as they were designed to be consumed for a period of time.

Life got busy, as it always does, and the timing wasn't right. Now it is.

So, here is the plan. (We are each doing things a little differently, but concept is similar) We will consume, primarily, Vitality for Life supplements and foods, fruits and vegetables and one "real meal" per day until we don't feel like doing it any longer.

The goal is to find out how it impacts our bodies, our mental health and our pocketbook.

The products include:

Vitality 4 Supplement Pack (multivitamin, minerals, antioxidants, probiotic) (Daily)
Access Bars & Shakes - fat burner/sports performance (Prior to workouts)
Attain Bars & Shakes - Craveblocker technology (Two servings daily)
Proflex Bars & Shakes - Protein (post-workout)
Fiberwise Bars & Drinks - Fiber (Daily)
Simply Fit Cookies, Crackers, Cereals - organic foods with fiber (as desired)
Sustain - sports drink (during and post-workout)
Melaleuca Herbal Tea (as desired)

Added foods include:
1 real meal (healthy and lean in most cases)
popcorn twice per week
wine, beer or mixed drink twice per week

Because we had food in the house to use up, these first couple of days have included cheese and crackers.

24 hours in and I'm feeling great! So far today my diet consists of Access shake, Protein Bar and cheese & crackers. Will have a turkey sandwich and sauteed zucchini before I head back to the health club. The rest of the day will look something like this:

1pm - Access Bar
1:15pm - Core & Flexibility Class
2pm - Attain Shake
3pm - apple
4:45pm - Access Shake
5pm - 2 hours of Barbell Class
8pm - Protein Shake, Attain Bar & Sustain

Here we go!

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